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(From Western Resource Advocates & Audubon New Mexico)

Help secure federal support for our water supply and a free-flowing Gila River

Deming can meet its future water needs without tapping the Gila River. The proposed Gila diversion project would be extremely expensive and needlessly damage this vibrant river. Deming can ensure water for future generations at far less cost if we wisely employ water conservation, reuse, and existing commitments to transfer water from agriculture to our community.

The Gila Diversion Proposal is costly to taxpayers and the river

The state and the New Mexico Unit of the Central Arizona Project estimate that a fully developed diversion would cost hundreds of millions of dollars, the majority of which would be funded by state and local residents. Other water supply options, noted below, would be far more cost-effective. The diversion proposal would also harm fish, wildlife, outdoor recreation, and our economy.

The Gila is a vibrant and irreplaceable river

A free-flowing Gila River is vital to our region's recreational economy and our traditional way of life. The Gila River is the state's last free-flowing river and one of the very best destinations in the Southwest for birding, boating, fishing, hunting, and hiking. This invaluable resource is readily accessible to our families and one of the crown jewels of New Mexico's robust outdoor recreation economy, which generates annually an estimated $6.5 billion in consumer spending and $1.8 billion in wages and salaries.

Our water supply is secure well-beyond 2050 if we build on Deming's planning efforts and prioritize water conservation

Water supplies provided through water conservation, reuse, and planned water transfers can meet future water needs and secure a free-flowing Gila River for us and future generations.

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Contact the Deming City Council
today! Ask them to

  • Utilize the federal funds under the Arizona Water Settlement Act to fund local water conservation projects – not the diversion proposal.
  • Oppose the Gila diversion in order to protect our recreational economy, our future generations' ability to enjoy the Gila River, and our fish and wildlife.

Gila River Fact Sheet
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Audubon New Mexico
Beth Bardwell
Director of Conservation
Audubon New Mexico


Western Resource Advocates
Jorge Figueroa
Senior Water Policy Analyst
Western Resource Advocates 720-763-3747